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This site contains my work creating applications to search the White and Brown song books currently in use by the congregation of Christ's Sanctified Holy Church.

The purpose of these applications is to be able to quickly search the song books by page, hymn number, title and by words within the songs lyric, then display the song.

All song rights belong to their copyright owners. All rights reserved.

I am making these applications available under the assumption that the "used by permission" and copyright notices are still in force.

These applications are NOT for sale, and should be used for their intended purpose which is to praise God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.

  • Use song search to locate songs from the song books.
  • Crowd options allow you to follow the song a congregation controller is viewing.
  • Native applications allow you to install local applications which do not require internet connectivity.
  • The Support button will allow you to contact us to report any issues.
  • The settings option allows you to control various options in the application.



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